Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January round-up

January was a fucking epic month on the poker front. I ran super hot and got in a record 31,000 hands for $2,400 profit (plus bonuses etc.). Unquestionably I ran like Usain Bolt, but I thought that towards the end of the month I played my best poker, experimenting with the fold button with a fair degree of success. Even fucking Wonderflop won some money towards the end of the month, that's how good it was (fu if you're reading, obv).

There seems to be some movement at Full Tilt, with Rico charges being dismissed and a forfeiture agreement ready to be executed. They're taking their time but it would be nice to see the cash I have on there again, I'd basically written it off.

West Ham got a 5-1 spanking at Ipswich tonight. Obviously I'm not happy but the scum come to town on Saturday and we need to put those cunts in their place. Talented 'orrible cunt Ravel Morrison has arrived from Manchester United, and it appears Vaz Te and probably Nicky Maynard will sign before the night is out. Jim White is getting excited over not that much on my TV right now, so I should probably turn over.

There is some talk of a www.raisetheriver.com meet-up/No Cash poker stag do later in the year. With the baby on the way I'm not sure if I will make it, but I'll try and sneak away for one night if I can to, er, lend moral support.

We had a bit of trauma with the baby waiting on some test results. Without going into details it was probably the worst few days of my life, anyway it turns out everything is fine so there's no need to worry. Thank fuck for that.



  1. u UsainBoltFish lol, glad there's nowt wrong with baby, nice one !

  2. Hi hoopie

    This is a longshot after the forums went down since I didnt save your contact details (solid fail from me and the forums), but I am still keen to catch up for a drink on Friday afternoon after work at the hotel if you are.

    LOL communications tho amirite...