Monday, 23 February 2009

Starter for ten

Well, here it is, another pointless fucking poker blog from someone with too much time on his hands. I have a couple of weeks off between now and when my new job starts so have decided to fill it by doing this and growing a fairly bad beard (think Gary Neville, but with a marginal improvement as I'm not Gary Neville).

Poker at the moment has been so-so. After a sick run during November/December last year I haven't been able to get much going, partly through some not great luck in key spots but mainly through major spewage on my part. I'm far too ready to give up on a tournament when things aren't going my way and far to prone to opening too light when my table image is already beyond bad. Still, I am going to be putting in a session tonight, so hopefully I can put in a decent score.

West Ham lost 2-1 at the weekend to Bolton, by all accounts failing to get going, conceding two early goals and then dominating the rest of the match. Again, I can't grumble with my lot here as we are playing some decent stuff and have an FA Cup 5th round replay up at Boro to look forward to on Wednesday. Does anyone look forward to going to Middlesborough? I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm kind of disappointed as this was meant to be on the Tuesday but the FA and ITV in their infinite wisdom decided to switch it at one week's notice to the Wednesday so they can televise it. Fuck knows why, I can't see the neutrals being all too keen to tune in to a couple of bog average mid-table sides duking out a replay that most people couldn't care less about. I am excited personally as with Arteta being out for the rest of the season, the quarter final for the winner looks slightly less intimidating, even though I can't ever recall us winning at Goodison in my life time.

However, it does remind me of this, one of my favourite games of all time when The Boleyn was absolutely electric under the lights. Stuart Slater and Colin Foster, those were the days.

I am particularly disappointed as I could have gone if it was on the Tuesday but am off on holiday on the Thursday morning so can't attend. I am looking forward to the break (going to the same resort in St Lucia where Amy Winehouse has been destroying her liver in full view of the press earlier in the year) and spending some time with Lucy.

Anyway, I'm off out to avoid yet more coverage of the Oscars and Max Clifford on TV.