Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Signing Off

I managed to just about squeeze in 10k hands of HU during April, finishing up c. $600, plus around half of that again in rakeback. With the wedding preparations in full swing, Lucy was out all day on Saturday and Sunday, so instead of helping with wedding preparations, I decided to make up for some of the poker I’ll miss when we’re on the honeymoon and managed to squeeze in 5k hands and $500 of profit over the bank holiday weekend. I feel like I have taken a reasonably big step forward with my game in recent weeks – I have come out on top playing a lot of regs and feel that I understand the game a whole lot better than I did before, and have fixed some big leaks (as opposed to just knowing that I had big leaks). Some of the jsnipes/bosoxx34 videos have been pretty useful for this. I dare say I’ll be back to setting money on fire fairly soon, however.

I was reading 2+2 the other day, and found a this. “A lot of poker players go through that degenerate phase in their life, all they want to do and think about is poker, and often you are happy doing that. However, once you've been in this game for a bit you realise that all this spills over to other factors in your life.” This is very true, and hopefully it is a phase that I am over, as the game can tend to be all-consuming.

The end of the football season is crawling into view. West Ham lost at Fulham, with the lads having amassed an enormous tally of 35 points they clearly feel they have earned their break this summer. In response, The Spunk Brothers have announced that everyone bar Parker is effectively for sale at the right price – which is probably fair enough, but might not do much for squad morale.With Liverpool losing to Chelsea, the title looks to be going to Stamford Bridge. This is clearly sickening, but nothing can be done. I’m looking forward to the City vs. Tottenham game on Wednesday, which has the potential to be awesome.

The election is this Thursday. We can all be glad, as the politicians can end their week of harassing normal people and go back to their ivory towers afterwards. The list of parties is fairly unappealing, but I’m fucked if I’m voting for Diane Abbott, Nu-Lab thundercunt and world-class hypocrite.

My wedding is this Saturday, and we’re off on the honeymoon on Monday. I’m looking forward to it, but with a reasonable amount of apprehension. I’m looking forward to getting the first dance out of the way and getting on the sauce, but don’t tell that to the missus. We depart for the honeymoon on Monday, which should be fucking awesome and I’m really excited about, but all this volcano nonsense (which shut airports in Ireland earlier today) needs to be nipped firmly in the bud before we’re due to fly.

The blog won’t be updated for the best part of four weeks, so run good whilst I’m away.