Monday, 25 May 2009

Fun Times

Her indoors was out on Friday so I managed to squeeze in some donkamenting. It looked like being a pretty shitty night, with me getting set over setted pretty early in the $215 on Party, losing some big pots in pretty gross spots in the 50 1r 1a and $75 6 max on FTP and struggling to geet anything going elsewhere.

After griding a <20bb> AQ and AA > AK versus the same guy and then making an overly aggressive Spaniard my bitch. The final table was a lot of fun, with HotKarlMC (who seems to be at every FT) and thesnail_03 there and some sick railtardery from various 2p2ers and the guys from Skype. I was kind of happy with my play but not my bust out hand, and came 5th for a respectable $2.7k, which has provided a much needed confidence boost.

The final game of the season against a doomed Boro side saw West Ham win 2-1. Boro went without a whimper and the Geordies got relegated as well. It is a heart-warming tale, mainly because I hate Alan Shearer and am glad to see him fail. The cunt.

A long summer ahead with no football beckons...

Monday, 18 May 2009

End Of Season Blues

A long Saturday of donkamenting ended in disappointment. I failed to get anything going in most of the things I entered and didn’t play particularly well. I cashed in the $109 on FTP and had a decent stack in the 50 1r 1a before getting all in with 99 vs 55 for a 30bb stack and then losing the rest of my stack in two totally standard spots, plus losing KK to ATo to quite a cool German guy in the Stars 20 1r 1a.

I sat with bdybldngpkrplyr (sp?) for a while in the 50 1r 1a. He’s very good and pretty aggressive and was sat a couple to my right. I three bet him a couple of times in a couple of spots where it really looked like I had to have a hand (thanks AJK Hoosier for the latest PXF video pointing this out) – he folded both times. Otherwise I felt I played quite poorly and have resolved to do better.

The Premiership football season is now one game from the end. The Mancs (deservedly) wrapped up the title on Sunday. All that is left now is for us to take the piss out of the Boro fans when they confirm their relegation at our place on Sunday and for Hull and Newcastle (and possibly Sunderland) to fight it out for the remaining relegation spot. Hopefully Ferg will field an under-strength side and allow Hull to win and relegate Mary Poppins and his team.

I don’t know why I hate Newcastle so much, probably to do with Mike Ashley, Shearer being an obnoxious cunt that the press love and Dennis Wise, amongst other things. I have enjoyed seeing Shearer undermined by some of his players regarding his training regime – having done exactly the same thing to Gullit, it is good to see him enjoying a taste of his own medicine.

West Ham have missed out on Europe as a result of a very thin squad, with our annual defeat at Goodison Park taking place on Saturday. We never win at either ground in Liverpool. I remember playing Everton once when they had scored only six goals at home all season. I think the game was in March. They beat us 6-0. We were so dire that our fans celebrated six imaginary goals to pull the score back to 6-6, much to the confusion of the home supporters.

There have been plenty of positives this season, notably the transformation of Carlton Cole, the emergence of Jack Collison and James Tomkins, the arrival of Ilunga and a good first season from the managerial team. The ownership issue really needs to be resolved (our accounts are still overdue – wtf?) pronto giving that Scott Duxbury seems to lie every time he opens his mouth. Other minus points are Ashton’s new (old?) injury, Dyer’s ongoing injury, Danny Gabbidon’s ongoing injury (can you see a pattern developing here?) and Bellamy’s departure, to be replaced by an unheard of 19 year old German-Ugandan playing in Serie B. Coincidentally, the Chairman of the Serie B club’s daughter is married to our Director of Football, who engineered the deal. No conflict of interest there, I’m sure.

In Germany it looks like Borussia Monchengladbach should avoid relegation after two last minute goals in recent games have pulled them clear of the relegation zone. This should make an occasional reader of this blog very happy indeed.