Monday, 24 October 2011

One in the Eye

Being between jobs right now (i.e. scratching my balls at home whilst getting paid by my former employer and awaiting my new job starting in early November) I have been grinding fairly hard. I am at 22kish hands for October, about to hit Platinum, up around $600 and with almost enough FPPs for the $600 FPP bonus on Stars. I have endured quite a few swingy sessions/days, which has toughened me up a bit and I am finding it far easier to cope with a 4 BI down session right now.

I have also been getting reacquainted with something called the fold button. It sits just to the left of call, and is apparently used when you want to muck your hand and not put further money into the pot. I have found it very useful at times when I think "he's really not raising worse ever here" and would previously have clicked the "call" button, to see exactly how much better his hand was than mine. After a while that got quite expensive and I heard about this fold thing.

Congratulations to Chris Moorman on his second place in the WSOPE main event. It was good to see Chris finally book a big live score, after 187 blow-ups close to or at final tables, the changing of 9 Prime Ministers and several aeons passing.

West Ham have been unable to string results together. We are away at Brighton tonight, which is a big game. After picking up a few injuries, El Hadj Diouf (gobbing at Celtic fans, above) began training with West Ham last week. There are obviously a lot of scrotes in football, however this particular piece of vermin once spat at our fans at Anfield (hilariously denied by both Liverpool and the Merseyside Old Bill until Liverpool climbed down and admitted he spat in front of us, which was as close to an apology as we were going to get).

I can't think of a single player I want to see play for us less than this horrible shit (I tolerated Bowyer twice and I could have coped with Barton), and this may well be the straw that broke the camel's back for my support if he does arrive. He's not even a good player any more, not that this makes any difference. I really hope that he doesn't join, he isn't fit to wear the shirt, and Allardyce should be prepared to steer clear on the advice of the board, who are well aware of the supporter's feelings.



  1. Congrats on finding the fold button m8. gogogoooo hammers tonight vrs the seagulls!

  2. We were horrible against Brighton, totally outplayed but won by a combination of solid defending, good organisation and basic competence, very much the Big Stan way. As a fellow West Ham fan will you accept promotion at the cost of our footballing ideals?

    Back in the day when I was season ticket holder (moved away from London 10 years ago so it’s been awhile) I would not have accepted paying 600 notes a season to watch that shite, but as an armchair fan it’s a mite easier, so for me the big question is will the season ticket holders who have been starved of any form of success for so long be prepared to put up with Allardyce’s commitment to agricultural football against the expansive yet poorly executed open style of play we are used too.

    I’d say no, I think his the wrong man and eventually the teams form will dip enough for the supporters to lose all faith. For me its horses for courses, George Graham could never win round the West Ham faithful, yet Arsene Wenger if he was ever to get sacked from his job at the Arseholes would be the perfect West ham manager, a beautiful failure!

  3. I'm torn to be honest Kev. I don't buy that we were totally outplayed, I can only recall them troubling the keeper once. They passed it nicely but it largely amounted to fuck all. I don't dispute that we were horrible, however, but we were effective.

    I remember going to see us at home to play Everton under Zola. We played brilliantly for 80 minutes, we 1-0 up and then collapsed and lost 3-1, and we always get rolled by these sides - I have to confess, I enjoyed seeing us do it to someone else.

    In terms of our footballing ideals, I'm happy to build from the back. We defend a lot better, but I would like to see us put a foot on it a lot more. Noble was a class above our other players on Monday, but we lack pace and are far to happy to go long too often (and we don't get anyone close enough to Carew, who I have been impressed with in general, even if he was poor on Monday).

    We're not all bad. We have already stuck four past a few sides this season and are second in the table, without having hit our stride. The side are capable of decent football, but the manager seems far too keen to go route one and I don't think it benefits us.

    We also probably haven't played any more or less good football over the last 20 years than anyone else. We play some nice and some not so, but we're too often defensively frail and, like Toby Jug head says, is finishing bottom of the league the West Ham way?

    Personally I couldn't care less about another year in The Championship, I quite enjoy it - it is a better division than last time around and more fun than getting ROFLstomped by the big money sides in the division above. But then I haven't ploughed tens of millions into the club and won't have to keep sticking money in to prop it up if we stay down.

    I detest Wenger, I think his team for many years were the biggest cheats in the division and he is full of shit. As for Allardyce, I think he was the best of the available candidates in terms of proven track record. I bet Blackburn fans would have him back in a shot. Allardyce cares about on thing - getting promoted, and he'll do it any way he can. I might not like that, but I can understand it.